Jan 31, 2009

Obama, good news – bad news

As Christians, we should be among the first to applaud our leadership and representatives when we see them doing what is right for all citizens. Just hours into office President Obama enacted a new ethics code which will prohibit anyone who leaves his administration from lobbying the executive branch for the duration of President Obama’s term. According to the Washington Post; “rules also bar registered lobbyists from working in the administration on areas in which they have lobbied”. This is great news, it’s ethics reform which is long overdue.

I’m also encouraged to hear that President Obama has promised that his administration will be more transparent and willing to disclose details on issues that are relevant to citizens. Again, great news because all branches of our government should be open to those they serve as long as our national security is not jeopardized.

Unfortunately, President Obama overturned the Mexico City policy, meaning that hundreds of millions of your tax dollars will go to groups that aggressively promote and perform abortions. In his inaugural address, the President said that he would free science from its restraints and restore it to its rightful place. That translates to mean that taxpayers are going to be funding embryo-destructive research (despite the fact that all the successes in such research have come about using adult stem cells).

With the current economic challenges looming over our country and the world we must ask;
  • where is the wisdom in sending hundreds of millions of dollars to other countries for the sole purpose of performing abortions?
  • where is the wisdom in government subsidizing embryonic stem cell research with hundreds of millinos of tax payer dollars and other costly resources?

It is obvious that the question of life and how we view it, which is central to everything, is an important and central issue. As Christians we must be compelled to defend the sanctity of life at every stage, from conception to natural death; it’s integral to the Gospel.

As we watch the plans and policies of new administration unfold, we must be in constant prayer for our new leader, as the Bible commands. The survival of our way of life is at stake. So we must pray without ceasing that President Obama and his administration will listen to wise counselors and then have the courage to do the right thing.



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