Jan 31, 2009

Obama - Unlimited Opportunity

Over the last two months, I have noticed that many conservative are in deep despair over the election of Barack Obama to the highest seat in our nation and possibly the world. I understand the feeling. The President-elect, along with his newly strengthened allies in Congress, opposes almost every pro-life and pro-family position conservative Evangelicals and conservative Catholics have fought for so hard. His newly appointed cabinet is also a reflection of his views which will have an impact on policy, much of which will go unnoticed by most as daily business is conducted.

I would like to encourage the handwringers by saying we must never despair. It is a sin to deny the sovereignty of God. Barack Obama is the right person at this time. We just have to learn how to live differently while continuing to work through the established procedures our great nation allows. This election was indeed a historical event that this nation should celebrate. Let us begin today.

First, this is the new President’s hour. And we should be praying for him. Major decisions which affect the welfare of us all are in his hands.

Second, we ought to take pleasure in the joy expressed by African Americans over President Obama’s election. They have fought hard for civil rights, and now one of their own is President. This can be a good thing for the United States of America.

We should also be pleased at the jubilation around the world at the election of America’s first black president, which has smashed the stereotype of America as an oppressive white superpower throwing its weight around. This could build unprecedented good will for us among many other nations, nations with whom we must cooperate on many important issues.

Third, this may be a teachable moment for all of us. Ever since the 1960s, liberal political leaders have built their power bases by telling minorities that they are the exploited victims of racism.

Tragically, many African-Americans feel, rightly or wrongly, that there is nothing they can do to help themselves except to elect politicians who promise to pour money into their communities. All these politicians have done is feed the grievance mentality and stay in power; the poor remain as poor as ever.

Obama’s election shatters that delusion. How could any young African-American any longer believe that he is destined to a life of crime and poverty simply because he was born black? Obama’s election demonstrates that America truly is the land of opportunity for every citizen regardless of the color of his skin, the status of his birth, or the community from which he comes. If this new attitude takes hold, I could see us rebuilding the pits of despair and depression that many inner cities neighborhoods have become.

Having said that, I have my differences with President Obama and the majorities in Congress, but I, for one, will continue to fight hard for the unborn and for traditional marriage, among other issues.

So I urge readers, don’t give up, or retreat into your sanctuaries, as some are suggesting. Remember to follow the Biblical directive to pray for our leaders and play an active role in our government, it is our responsibility as citizens.



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