Jun 1, 2009

Public Charter Schools

Imagine education without bureaucrats. You may envision American Indian Public Charter and its’ two sister schools in Oakland California. American Indian Public Charter and American Indian Public Charter II are both middle schools with American Indian Public High School filling the demand for 9th thru 12th grade.

Charter schools are independent public schools that receive public funds but operate autonomous of day-to-day district supervision.

All California schools are measured by The Academic Performance Index (API) a scale ranging from 0 – 1000. The states target is 800. The state average for middle and high schools is below 750 while schools in which low-income students make up the majority of the enrollment the average API is around 650.

American Indian Public Charter School has an API of 967 and the two sister schools are not far behind on the index. What is most interesting is that among the thousands of public schools in California only four middle schools and three high schools score higher. However none of them serve children from low-income families to the extent that American Indian Public Charter schools do.

These and many other public charter schools are modern success stories in education, which are modeled on fundamental educational best practices implemented at the school without the bureaucracy of district level administrators.

Source article: Spitting in the eye of mainstream education



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