Sep 26, 2010

3 Candidates Split the Vote : Myth Busted

Write In Gubernatorial Candidate Taylor Haynes can’t “split the vote” handing the seat to the Democrat candidate. Read “Myth Busted” to understand how and why Wyoming conservatives have a clear choice this November.

Myth Busted

Even if the Republican vote was split in half, the Democrat would lose.

With the recent GOP Primary election results there are 75,064 who did not vote for Matt Mead.
In other words, 71% of the Republican voters want someone else.

Even the Trib reported, in one of their recent polls, "38 percent are either undecided or prefer a different candidate at this time."

If there were three candidates in the race, an even split being 33.33% ... those 38% would be the deciding factor. After a primary election in which gave Wyoming two democratic choices on the ballot, there is more than just a whimsical dream of chance that a 3rd candidate is still a viable option.

Traditionally, there are only two choices on the ballot : Democrats and Republicans. Of course, the argument is that this election year has produced two Democrats ...

Matt Mead sent out letters to a highly liberal base - teacher union members. With his endorsement from the WEA it is obvious that he was granted that mailing list to just over "6,000 members" or "one of every 85 Wyoming citizens." In his letter he targeted union members: "I would be honored to have your vote in the Republican Primary for Governor on August 17th and I am asking for your help in talking with other voters about supporting me."

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