Jun 25, 2011

Cafeteria Christianity - Spiritual Blending

I am continually intrigued by the diversity of beliefs within the Christian faith. The other day I heard that there are over 4400 denominations or sects of Christianity.

As one researches some of the specific denominations it becomes obvious that there is “spiritual blending” of Christianity with non-Christian religions. I call this cafeteria Christianity. I don’t believe that every difference is a salvation issue, although many can be as they drift from accurate Biblical teaching. The problem is obvious, we tend to take what we like and leave what we don’t like. This skews or blurs our worldview.

Not only do we see this practice of blending other religious beliefs with Christianity but it is also common to pick and choose which particular elements of Christianity are most palatable to a person's particular opinion of God.

This practice is particularly common among liberal denominations, which cite only those passages which show Christ's forgiveness and mercy, but not His justice, in order to deny the existence of Hell and the necessity of repentance and faith for redemption.

For example,as discussed in an earlier blog entry, Matt. 7:1, "Judge not, that ye be not judged" is now the most quoted Bible verse and is quoted out of context particularly often to support one's mistaken view of Christ's teaching.

Likewise, they selectively ignore passages which refute evolution, condemn abortion, homosexuality, make statements about the role of women that refute modern feminist dogmas, and conflict with other liberal views. Liberal Christians are also fond of citing Scripture selectively in order to rebuke only someone else's sins.

Cafeteria Christianity is not new, but it seems to flourish in prosperous developed societies. As you think this practice thru, I'm confident you will understand that it can easily have eternal consequences. Is your eternal future in jeopardy because spiritual blending has become a way of life rather than being an authentic disciple of Christ?



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