Jun 11, 2011

Gay Movement Has a New Poster Child

Recently CNN ran a three part series covering 38-year-old Kirk Murphy’s suicide in 2003. The thrust of the series is to place the blame of Kirk’s suicide on a government-funded experiment at UCLA to try to cure his effeminate behavior when he was five.

Part one of the series:

I fully recognize that if I presented only my view here, I would immediately be labeled a hateful homophobe among other unmentionable adjectives. For this reason I’m posting an editorial opinion article authored by long time cultural and political blogger Sandra Rose. Sandra Rose herself is gay and eloquently exposes the Kirk Murphy story for exactly what it is; “the media’s new poster child”.

Siblings say UCLA’s anti-’sissy’ therapy caused their brother’s suicide 33 years later
Wednesday, June 8, 2011 | Sandra Rose

The gay media has a new poster child to generate sympathy for their cause and to further their agenda of promoting gay acceptance.

His name Kirk Murphy, and he was a successful accountant until he hanged himself in 2003 at age 38.

Normally when a person commits suicide, it is usually due to depression and despair that has been undiagnosed or untreated for years.

But nowadays when a gay person commits suicide, the media latches on to the story and repackages it to push their gay social acceptance agenda, as if depression had nothing to do with it. Just this week, a former Duke University and Chicago Bulls basketball star leaped from the roof of the NY athletic club and plunged to his death.

His name was Tom Emma, 49, and he was not gay that we know of. So the media handled his death differently. A few paragraphs into an article reporting his death comes the words: “Sources told the Daily News that Emma had been depressed.”

Nowhere in the reports on Kirk Murphy’s suicide do you see the words “depressed”or “depression.” Why? Because it doesn’t fit the gay media agenda.

Even though he died in 2003, Mr. Murphy’s family knew that all they had to do was mention the words “anti-gay” and “suicide” in the same sentence and his story would make headlines all over the country.

Kirk Murphy was an effeminate boy who preferred playing with girls toys and dressing in girls clothing. So, when he was 5, his mother took him to a government-funded program at UCLA to try to cure his effeminate behavior. Dr George Rekers, who founded the program, was an anti-gay activist who was outed by a Miami newspaper last year when he was spotted at the Miami airport with a gay male escort whom he had hired to travel with him.

Mr. Murphy’s siblings blames Dr. Rekers and the UCLA program for their brother’s suicide, even though he took his life 33 years after the therapy.

According to London tabloid the Daily Mail, “Kirk’s family believe the therapy directly contributed to his death, and say he was never the same again after the sessions to get rid of his ‘sissy’ characteristics, which included instructing his father to beat him for feminine traits.”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who is himself gay, interviewed Murphy’s sister Maris and brother Mark for his 360 show on CNN last night. Maris, who was nine months old at the time and couldn’t possibly remember anything, told Cooper that the therapy her brother received left him “just totally stricken with the belief that he was broken, that he was different from everybody else.”

Well, he was different from everybody else. He was different in the sense that other boys don’t normally play with girls toys or wear dresses. But don’t let Anderson Cooper tell it.

And therein lies the essence of the gay media agenda: to gain sympathy to change laws that grants gays inalienable rights, such as teaching school children that homosexuality is normal.

The national media has a responsibility to promote the fact that homosexuality is not an illness or a handicap. Homosexuality will not be normal until 2 men can make each other pregnant. We are different and we should embrace our differences.



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