Jul 30, 2011

Christian role in politics

Is there Biblical precedent either for or against participating in government affairs?

Government is divinely ordained by God and is necessary to maintain order. Government has been given three responsibilities to maintain and protect social order: the sword of justice (to punish criminals), the sword of order (to prevent rebellion), and the sword of war (to defend the state). This is not to say that all governments are working within the precepts set forth by God to ensure a righteous government.

Because government is a God-ordained institution, Christians are to submit to civil authority as we would to other institutions of God as commanded in I Peter 2: 13-17.

As Christians we have duel citizenship, citizens of heaven and citizens of this world. This duel citizenship comes with a twofold responsibility. If there is a conflict between the two our first responsibility is to our LORD as demonstrated in Acts 5: 29.

Separation of church and State 

Unfortunately  “separation of church and state” is widely misunderstood. The first amendment of the United States Constitution does not say that people of faith are to separate themselves from government affairs. It states that government cannot institute the establishment of a state religion; thus guaranteeing the freedom of the citizens to practice the religion of their choice without concern for government interference. 

Indeed the words “separation of church and state” are not in the Constitution of the United States. The founders and framers of the United States clearly understood the responsibilities and role of duel citizenship. They understood that the perspective of a citizen of heaven is spiritual and that their perspective as citizens in this world is secular. These two are separate functions, to combine them would be a failure to keep church and state separate and distinct which would be outside God’s will for a righteous government



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