Jul 2, 2011

I pray to the same God that they pray to

The other day a young man boldly proclaimed “I pray too!” After a brazen dialogue pointing out numerous faults of people who are Christians, he gallantly ended his discussion saying; “I pray to the same God that they pray to.”

Of course this raised a number of questions in my mind and realizing the vigor in which he spoke I knew that this could be a veritable mine field in which neither of us would escape un harmed nor would our Lord be glorified.

I began simply by saying; “I find this interesting and would like to better understand you point of view. If you’re willing to dialogue; would you mind if I ask you some questions?” His reply was; “What would you like to know Marc?”

In hopes that I could get a better understanding of how he views God I responded by repeating what he said about praying to the same God followed by the question; “What do you mean by that?” His response was; “Why of course Dyonosis the god of wine!”

Of course I was not ruffled by his answer because I was certain he would attempt to derail the discussion so that he could add me to his long list of “failed Christians”. My reply was composed yet deliberate. “It sounds like you’re describing a different god. This is somewhat confusing because you say you pray to the same God yet you describe a different god. Would you be willing to add clarity to this discussion?” Sadly, just as quick as he had began his tirade he fell silent.

The popular belief in postmodern America is that individuals formulate their own beliefs about God and there is no conflict between theirs and the one true God.

In part two I will explore the question; Do All Religions Pray to the Same God?



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