Oct 24, 2011

From Secularism to Atheism to Socialism to …

The changing landscape of America.

Current events have given us a glimpse into our future. The Occupy Wall Street movement is no exception. Though their message is not cohesive and varies widely, not only among individuals but also by location – one thing is clear. Their underlying message is wealth redistribution through entitlement and regulation, aka Socialism.

Where does this ideology come from? It originates as Secularism, that is to remove God from the public square and from any discussion related to public policy. After a generation or two Atheism becomes the worldview that is dominant I shaping ideology and policy. Out of this the culture is eager to embrace Socialism not realizing or ignoring the natural progression that has been demonstrated and proven many times throughout history.  

Former Atheist Peter Hitchens reminds his readers that Atheism and the political system it spawns – Socialism, comes at a great price to the 99% while catering to the elite.            

Peter Hitchens, brother of outspoken “New Atheist” Christopher Hitchens, is a British journalist and author of the book The Rage Against God, published in 2010. At age fifteen, young Peter set fire to his Bible on the playing field of his Cambridge boarding school and set out on a life of denying the existence of God.

Peter attributes his return to faith to seeing Socialism in practice during his years as a correspondent in Eastern Europe and in Moscow during the collapse of the Soviet Union. In his book, he describes what it was like for the Russian people who were living under the tyranny of godless Communism

 “Soviet citizens all knew life was like this. They knew the daily drudgery of finding anything decent to eat....They knew that if they wanted anesthetics at the dentist, or antibiotics at the hospital, or co-operation from their child’s teacher, or a holiday by the sea, they would need to bribe someone to get them. Even in Moscow, the show city of the Evil Empire, they knew that they dwelt in the suburbs of hell, that in mile after mile of mass-produced housing you would be hard put to find a single family untouched by divorce, that no mother reared her own children, that the schools taught lies, that secret government establishments leaked radiation into air and water. Fresh eggs were an event. ‘No’ meant ‘How much will you pay me?’ Rats were commonplace and played merrily among the trashcans of apartment blocks and in the entrances of railway terminals. Windows were filthy as a matter of course...

 “While most struggled to survive, a secret elite enjoyed great privilege - special living spaces, special hospitals with Western drugs and equipment, special schools in which their children were well taught in English, special waiting rooms in stations and airports, and special lanes along which the Politburo’s giant armored limousines roared at 90 miles an hour, shouldering aside anyone who dared get in the way. The elite had privileged access to good food, foreign travel and books, and the groveling servility of the organs of the state, which oppressed the common people and extorted money from them. This society, promoted by its leaders as an egalitarian utopia, was in truth one of the most unequal societies on earth.” ~ Peter Hitchens

Peter Hitchens describes life in Russia in the early 1990’s as harsh and dangerous. In 1990 there were 6.46 million abortions in the USSR and only 4.85 million live births.

Quote from Peter Hitchens’ book “The Rage Against God : how atheism led me to faith”



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  1. Ελλάδα said...
    January 10, 2012 at 9:00 PM

    I enjoy hearing Christopher and Peter debate each other on the topic of God's existence. The atheist brother, Christopher Hitchens, is "super-cool," with a British accent and very dry, biting sense of humor, who makes Christians feel like nerds. Peter Hitchens is the best rebuke and rebuttal against Christopher, being equally concise and humorous.

  2. Someone you may know said...
    February 19, 2012 at 11:16 AM

    Be sure to look up Dr. Frank Turek, and his debates with these men.

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