Mar 9, 2009

Communist economic reform plan

China has become a dominant force in world economics, especially recently. With the current “meltdown” of the U.S. financial markets China’s influence has become a familiar topic among many commentators.

Is there a spiritual component to China’s economic rise? Zhao Xiao, a top Chinese economist, says there is most likely a correlation.

In 2002, Zhao went on assignment to the United States to discover the secret of America's economic success. What he found changed his life forever.

"After my trip I wrote an essay entitled, Market Economies with Churches and Market Economies without Churches," he explained. "I discovered that Christianity was the reason for America's success."

Zhao was an atheist and a former Communist Party official when he wrote the paper. He later converted to Christianity after reading the Bible. His essay is one of the most widely read articles on economic reform.

"I meet people in the upper echelons of government and I tell them that China will prosper and be a blessing to the world if it embraces the message of the cross," Zhao said.

Since the inclusion of the word "religion" to the Communist Party Constitution in 2007, China has become an increasingly dominant player in world economics. I believe that it would serve our nation well to closely consider the importance religion and specifically Christianity, has in the overall strength and wellbeing of society – before it is too late.



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