Mar 8, 2009

"Great opportunity" looms in crisis

In his weekly radio address to the nation, President Obama challenged citizens to “discover great opportunity in the midst of great crisis”.

The week ended reporting 651,000 more jobs lost and unemployment standing slightly above 8%, the worst it has been since 1983.

President Obama assured Americans that his team is taking specific steps to create jobs and begin addressing the issue of healthcare. Many in the Obama administration have declared that the economy will not recover until the nations healthcare system is fixed.

Amid the backdrop of the president’s recap of the detailed plan to help homeowners avoid foreclosure, a new plan to make stimulate lending, an overhaul of the policies regarding government contracts in an effort to reduce waste and a healthcare summit.

In regard to the healthcare summit, president Obama has set a goal to sign a bill this year to overhaul the healthcare system which is believed to be the costliest in the world yet leaves millions uninsured and many more lacking adequate coverage.

Is a universal healthcare system the opportunity president Obama is speaking of when he said; “discover great opportunity in the midst of great crisis”?

Is the economic “crisis” going to be the final influencing factor to usher in Universal Healthcare?



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